Amazon Compliance

Issue Code 83441-US

Compliance Actions Taken:

I’ve added to the list of websites. I realized that site was not added before. I also removed sites that are no longer in use from the list.

How do we drive Traffic:

I’ve also included all other forms of traffic. We primarily drive traffic through Pay Per Click Campaigns on Google and Bing through I’ve included a detailed list of all URLs that are our landing pages. I’ve also included all other sites that we use to drive traffic to Amazon and we rank them through SEO.

A list of sites we use: – SEO – SEO – SEO – SEO – SEO (Links below PPC)

Here are a list of pages on We do not have it indexed by google so I’ve listed every single page. At the bottom of the list you will find a list of keywords in all of the campaigns that we use for Bing and Google Adwords.


Screenshots of Analytics:

Click on Thumbnail to view:


Keywords Used in Pay Per Click Campaigns

Google Keywords – CSV

Bing Keywords – CSV


Plugins or Browser Add Ins Used

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