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Recommended Resistance Band Set
Boss Fitness

  • Professional Grade
  • 11 Piece Adjustable Set
  • Heavy Duty Door Anchor
  • Soft Grip Foam Handles
  • Storage Bag Included
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“After hours of testing many Resistance Band sets, our number one pick is the resistance cord set  from Boss Fitness Products. This product is extremely durable, allows for the largest variety of exercises, provides excellent resistance, and is super easy to use.”
-Tim Warner, Sports & Fitness, Director of Testing
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15 products considered
9 products tested
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Top 3 out of 9 Brands We Tested

Boss Fitness
Best All-Around
(Versitile Cord Resistance Bands)
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Iron Bull Strength

Best for Stretching
(Loop Bands)
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Ares Fitness

Best for Pull Ups
(Limited Application)
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Resistance Bands

There are a few different kinds of resistance bands on the market. Determining which one you need depends on a few factors like whether you need to targeting a specific exercise, workout, or there is a injury your trying to rehabilitate. Weight resistance exercise is always important for muscle development and bone strength and development. Resistance bands provide the perfect tension necessary for muscle-building and they are affordable. A lot of times they are recommended by doctors and physical therapists for rehabilitation purposes.

Like many products, not all bands for resistance are created equal; there are low quality and high-quality brands. Our Recommended pick is made from highest quality natural latex to ensure maximum life and have a stack-able metal clipping system.

Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands come in many varieties of types, tensions, and length. Some are tubular and often surrounded by a rubber material while others are flat like giant rubber bands. Some come with handles for gripping, especially the cord bands, but they typically all come with multiple bands of resistance. Many companies color code these bands to distinguish between the different levels of tension. For your body type and workout, you will need to determine the best tension or resistance band for you. You can find many helpful resistance band workouts online recommending the level of resistance to a particular workout. We listed the most common resistance band exercises below.

Resistance Band Exercises

Exercise Resistance Bands can provide adequate resistance for any motion and can be helpful for rehabilitation. They are also perfect for just the common person looking to build strength, advanced fitness professionals and for athletes. For instance, tennis players can strengthen their swing with the help of bands, and pitchers can strengthen their arm and shoulder. They allow you to precisely target body parts to strengthen. Below is an example of some of the most common workouts with resistance bands.

Resistance band leg workouts

Lower body exercises are easy to accomplish with resistance bands. Don’t fool yourself, it might feel easy at first but you will feel the burn after going through some of these types of exercises. Some of the most common exercises are Leg Extensions, Prone Leg Curls, Glute Bridge, Standing Adductor, Supinated Clamshell, Plantar Flexion (Ankle Flexion), Lateral Band Walk, Standing Abduction (Balancing Act), and Seated Abduction.

Resistance band for back

Resistance bands with handles are the best option to strengthen back muscles. Some of the best exercises for the back are Bent Row Over, Seated Row, Pull Apart, Lying Pull Overs, and Lat Pull Downs. These can help with strengthening the upper and lower back. If needed, you should always consult your doctor first before performing these exercises.

Resistance band arm workout

Looking to get more strength in your arms? Resistance bands can help there too. We definitely recommend the resistance bands with handles as it’s much easier to accomplish arm exercises. All of these workouts are great for arms and shoulders Concentration Curls, Standing Bicep Curl, Tricep Kickback, Overhead Tricep Extension, Overhead Press, Forward Raise, Lateral Raise, and Upright Rows.

Resistance band exercises for abs

One of the most important areas you want to focus on strength is your abs. A strong core can help with back pain and overall body strength. Some of the most common abs exercise for the core are Kneeling Crunch, Woodchoppers, Anti-Rotation Band Walkouts, Reverse Crunch, and Russian Twists. Perform all of these exercises with resistance bands and you’ll definitely notice and feel the difference.

Different Types of Resistance Bands

Best Resistance Band Types

Even though there are several categories of resistance bands, there are many different types or styles within those categories. Resistance bands are versatile strength training tools. They’re lightweight, portable, and cost less than a month’s membership at most gyms, yet are able to significantly enhance strength training workouts.It is beneficial to you to understand the differences and how they work so you can match to your needs and get the band that best fits it. We’ve some below.

Resistance Band  Cords for Weight-Resistance – Woven cords are put inside the tubes and they are meant to prevent snapping and overstretching. With the multiple bands of increasing resistance, which typically can be used in combination to provide extra resistance, these sets include a door anchor to adjust to different heights for pulling or pressing against, two gripping handles, and padded ankle straps. These are the most versatile and we love the grips for hands and ankles.

Resistance Band Loops for Stretching  –

The loop bands typically cost a little less and have some pros and cons. First, they are excellent for standing leg exercises but they lack handles for hand and ankle workouts. Instead of tubes, there are just continuous rubber loops like a giant rubber band. They are great for stretching and leg exercises and are definitely a great addition to your resistance workout but not always necessary if you have tube cord resistance bands.

Resistance Bands for Pull-Ups and Compensation – Stretch bands or bands that are designed to help compensate exercises such as pull-ups are also very popular. If you need help with pull-ups or stretching then these bands can definitely help. They are typically the least expensive but also offer the least functionality. Don’t confuse these with the mini bands as they look similar but are different sizes. For assisted pull-ups, you will require a larger band.

Resistance Bands Conclusion

There are many different reasons you may need resistance bands; from rehabilitation to adding strength to preventing injuries, these are a definite addition to your workout gear.  More than likely you will need a specific type of resistance band for your particular needs but I feel the most versatile are the Resistance Band Cords. Once you have determined what your needs are you can begin to research different choices even more if you want.

Knowing how to narrow the selection field will help make the choice that much easier. The right information provides you with the tools you need to eliminate the other options that won’t work for your specific workout, injury, or need. With the right tools, you can be confident that the choice you make will be the right one. I listed my Recommended pick below to help with your research.

Recommended Resistance Band Set
Boss Fitness

  • Professional Grade
  • 11 Piece Adjustable Set
  • Heavy Duty Door Anchor
  • Spft Grip Foam Handles
  • Storage Bag Included
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