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  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Highly Breathable Elastic
  • Tight and Adjustable Abdominal Support
  • Great For Men and Women


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“We spent hours testing a wide variety of abdominal binders before determining that Ortonyx Abdominal Binder is the best overall pick.  Their combination of high-quality materials and highly breathable elastic, along with an affordable price makes this the best abdominal binder for both men and women.  We also liked that the comforatble fit with abdominal and back support.

-Tim Warner, Sports & Fitness, Director of Testing

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Abdominal Binder

An abdominal binder is a wide belt wrapped around the abdomen and has a compressional force. Abdominal binders come in different sizes and mostly made of elastic material with velcro straps or loop closures. They are mainly meant to provide compression and support to the weakened abdomen or after abdomen surgery.

Types of Abdominal Binders

An abdominal binder is a wide compression belt that wraps around the abdomenal area. Abdominal binders come in various sizes and widths to accomodate abdominal needs. Most are made from elastic and have a hook and loop closure to fasten them together. Most abdominal binders offer a secondary lumbar support because of the midsection compresion. There are alos products that have straps to hold surgical drainage tubes in place.

  • Stage One – Stage one binders include all the abdominal garments used in post-operative care. Stage one binders are stronger than their counterparts, as surgery patients require extensive binding around the abdomen for faster healing.
  • Stage Two – Stage two binders are primarily used for fitness and exercising. Stage two binders abdominal binders are much more flexible and are mainly used to offer support to the abdomen during exercise.
  • 3 In 1 Abdomen Wrap – This type of abdomen binder is made in a way to feature three different functions. It can be used as a waist belt, pelvis belt or belly belt that offers support to the three abdominal parts. They tend to have a high elastic height that prevents bulging out and rolling.


Best Abdominal Binder

Things to know before buying an abdominal binder.

Be sure to use an abdominal binder with breathable binder material. It is advisable to buy an abdominal wrap with a breathable fabric material. This allows the circulation of air underneath the wrap thereby reducing sweating.

It is most advisable to follow the doctor’s orders and advice on how to use your abdominal wrap as well as when to use it. You should also follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions including cleaning procedure.

Here are 5 helpful questions to ask yourself when choosing an abdominal binder:

  1. Easy to put on. Putting on your girdle should not be a tiresome job to make you sweat. Instead, putting on your girdle should be an easy task.
  2. Holding in place. A good binder should hold and stay in place. Abdominal binders that keep on shifting and sliding brings about discomfort when using them as you keep tugging and pulling it.
  3. How it looks when wrapped. Some abdominal binder is so thick that everyone passing by notices that you are wearing a girdle. This makes most people feel kind uncomfortable. It is good to purchase one that fits the choice of your clothes without bulging out.
  4. Its size. The size of the abdominal binder should fit your comfort. Some people feel ok with tight clothes as well as tight binders. Others really feel uncomfortable with tight clothes or binders. Tight binders can cause itching and sweating. It is advisable you check on the size and fitness of a binder to make sure that you don’t feel uncomfortable when using them. Also, too small or too big binders may not work effectively.
  5. What’s your budget? The cost of the abdominal binder should be friendly to your budget. The reason for using a binder comes with at cost also. For instance, pregnant mothers use abdominal binders to regain their normal size. The newborn and the delivery process comes with a cost. It is therefore good to buy a binder that is friendly to your budget. You should compare the price of different binders to make sure that you buy your binder at a fair price and also make sure that the binder’s cost matches its value.

Abdominal Binder Materials

You should always check the material used to make the binder. Different people are allergic to different materials. For instance, people allergic to latex should make sure that they buy latex-free binders.

How to use an abdominal binder.

1. The first step is to place your binder around your abdomen. The binder is placed over the surgical bandages and under your clothes.

2. The second step is to fasten the abdominal binder. There are different ways to fasten and close your binder. Make sure you follow the instructions.

3. Usually fastening the binder begins from the bottom to top for abdominal surgery and tummy tuck. For C-section follow the healthcare instructions.

4. The last step is to make sure that you are comfortable with the binder. Make sure any tubes are not pinched and no wrinkles.

Precautions of using an abdominal binder.

It is impearative to consider that an abdominal binder can cause problems. Hence, we have listed the following precautions:

  • Excessive tight binders create excess pressure on your abdomen and can lead to conditions like a hernia.
  • Unclean and less maintained abdominal binder can cause itching and skin irritation.
  • Heavy and tight abdominal wraps may hider the growth of abdominal muscles.
  • Climatic conditions like humid and high temperatures do not favor the use of abdominal wraps.
  • Substandard abdominal belts can lead to skin deterioration and other related infections.
  • Abdominal Binder Review Conclusion

    Uses of an abdominal binder vary. It is used by C-section mothers to offer support, regain their previous shape, and relieve pain by offering enough support to hold your surgical incision. An abdominal binder can be used to tuck tummies. It can be used by individuals with spinal cord problems to support the abdomen and maintain the abdominal pressure.

    Abdominal binders also reduce post-operative pain and enhance physical activity. The best abdominal binders enhance respiratory functions like deep breathing. When used by individuals experiencing orthostatic intolerance. The binder compression prevents blood from pooling. It also reduces swelling. Abdominal binders are used after a hysterectomy to relieve pain by holding the abdominal muscles and enhance circulation that helps in quick healing of the surgical site.

    Know what your needs are and choose the best abdominal binder for you based on the criteria above.

    Recommended Abdominal Binder

    • Highest Quality Materials
    • Highly Breathable Elastic
    • Tight and Adjustable Silicone Pad/li>
    • Great For Men and Women


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