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Recommended Yoga Socks

  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Comfortable Cotton Fabric
  • Perfect for Yoga and Pilates
  • No-Slip Design


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“We spent hours testing a variety of Yoga Socks before determining that CozTake Yoga Socks are the best overall pick to keep you sturdy on your feet.  They are easy to put on and you can wear them just like socks.  We also like that they can easily be worn around the house to keep your feet toasty and warm.  Why not enjoy a bit of extra support?”

-Tim Warner, Sports & Fitness, Director of Testing

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21 products considered
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Yoga Socks

What are Yoga Socks?

Every yogi as well as anyone who enjoys Pilates and Barre should consider purchasing a good pair of yoga socks. Yoga socks are great for everything from Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Bikram, Ballet and general Fitness.  Have you ever joined a yoga class only to find your feet slipping all over the mat, or experienced your feet getting cold? These are two of the top reasons for wearing yoga socks.

Yoga socks have small grip pads on the underside of the sock and can help you get a good grip on your mat and help you hold positions better and longer.  They can give you the confidence to push forward with your practice.

If your instructor has recommended them, or you have heard of them and wanted to try, we’ve done the research and can help you find the best pair.

Yoga Socks vs Regular Socks

Yoga socks are like regular socks with the addition of grippy dots on the underside to prevent you from slipping on your mat. Some are toe-less, some have toes, and every style can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, lengths and colors.

Best Yoga Socks

The best yoga socks can help keep you comfortable in a variety of ways.

  1. Cold Feet. Yoga socks can add a bit of warmth to cold feet. Especially if you have poor circulation.
  2. Slipping. A good quality, non-slip yoga mat is best, but sometimes you might need an extra bit of grip. Yoga socks can help.  They are also great for vacations and practicing yoga on carpeted hotel floors.
  3. Protection. Most yoga studios have a strict no-shoe policy once you enter the studio.  If the idea of walking barefoot on a dirty floor makes you uncomfortable, then yoga socks are a great way to protect your feet.
  4. Hygiene. There can be a variety of germs on studio floors. Yoga socks offer an extra bit of protection.
  5. Discreet. Some people don’t feel comfortable barefoot or are uncomfortable when their feet are visible. A great solution is to feel better by covering up with yoga socks.
  6. Focus. Yoga is about being present on your mat. This can be difficult if you become distracted thinking about your feet slipping. Or, if you’re focused on your feet being cold. Wearing yoga socks can get you out of your head and help you to be present on your mat.
  7. Fashion. Not only can yoga socks add to your yoga “look”, but they can also be worn at home as you walk around the house. The dots can even give you a nice gentle massage when walking on a tiled floor.

Toed Socks vs Toeless

The most popular style of yoga socks is the toeless style.  Toeless socks offer a better fit and allow your feet to help you grip.  Additionally, if your toes don’t completely fill a sock with full toes, the material can bunch and twist under your feet and put you off balance.

Additionally, the best yoga socks can be tested by how well they hold you during yoga holds that only have one foot grounded.  If they hold you in place and don’t slip, then they’re a winner!

Additional Benefits of Yoga Socks

  • RELIEVE the pain and discomfort from a bunion.
  • REVERSE the damage caused by wearing tight shoes that cause foot ailments.
  • ACTIVATE your muscles and increase blood circulation for enhanced healing.
  • ALIGN your bones and strengthen your muscles to train your toes to uncross.


Yoga Socks Conclusion

Yoga socks are great for a variety of reasons and are perfect for any activity where you don’t want to lose your footing.  The non-slip grips on the underside of the sock can give you confidence in both your yoga practice as well as in other activities.  The toeless style will also allow you to open and spread your toes more naturally.

Recommended Yoga Socks

  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Comfortable Cotton Fabric
  • Perfect for Yoga and Pilates
  • No-Slip Design


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