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  • Build Grip Strength and Reduce Pain
  • Improves Dexterity
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Progrssive Reistance Training
  • Joint Pain and Rehabilitation


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“We spent hours testing a wide variety of grip strengtheners before determining that My Personal Best Grip Strengtheners are the best overall pick.  Their combination of high-quality materials, easy to use design, along with an affordable price makes this the best grip strengthenr.  They are excellent for hand therapy, grip strength, wrist strength, forearm strength, as well as joint pain and rehabilitation.

-Tim Warner, Sports & Fitness, Director of Testing

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Grip Strengthener

Grip refers to a person’s ability to do things effectively with his or her hands. Grip entails all hand movements including lifting, holding or carrying. Every house hold chore that has to do with the hands will eventually circle back to a good grip. Sportsmen and women owe their success in the field to it. Most if not all sports use griping, from basketball, to badminton, to ping pong. So in order to enhance your prowess in gripping you will need a grip strengthener. It will help in improving your dexterity which is the ability of carrying out tasks with your hands. This article will tackle on the top 20 tips on buying grip strengtheners.

Types of Grip Strengtheners

  1. Crush grip. This involves holding something between your fingers and the palm of your hand. It is commonly used when you want to greet your friend or when you are lifting weights.
  2. Support Grip. It involves the ability to hold on to something for a long period of time without breaking concentration to do something else. Some activities that involve this type of grip include carrying stuff like bags.
  3. Pinch Grip. This grip strengthener involves holding something between your thumb and the tips of the four other fingers. Activities that are conducted using this method including opening stuff.

What is a Grip Strengthener Used For?

Not everyone has the same strength or the same goals for improving grip strength. In that line of thinking not everyone is a bodybuilder nor trying to increase muscle size. Some seeking a grip strengthener are just trying to keep fit while others use a grip strengthener to help in their career longevity.

There are other factors to consider in deciding to improve your grip strength. Using a grip strengthener improves dexterity. Dexterity includes the ability to do things with your hands. The best choice for a grip strengthener will improve on the skill of dexterity. Dexterity improves by allowing you to do more actions with your hands without the fear of muscle deterioration. The best grip strengthener works on finger dexterity which utilizes extensor muscles and tendons we rarely exercise.

Best Grip Strengthener

Things to know before buying a grip strengthener.

The amount of resistance is an important factor to account for when buying a grip strengthener. A strengthener that offers resistance gives you a chance to challenge it. It should not be too easy for you to squeeze. You also have to struggle. No pain no gain. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a set or an adjustable grip strengthenr.

When making a purchase, everyone wants a long-lasting product. The most durable grip strengtheners are made from a silicon material. Silicon is a durable material that is resistant to wear and tear. The material is odorless meaning that it does not smell when a lot of friction is applied on it.

It is good to buy a grip strengthener that is portable. If this is the case, then you need a grip strengthener that is light making it easy for you to carry around. You can place it in our bag and use it when you are free and need a quick work out like when you are in a long queue.

Grip Strengthener Buying Guide

People tend to overlook or ignore the reviews left by other users. The often come in handy because they are prior users of the exact same product you want to purchase. Their feedback will help you determine whether the buy is worth it or not.

Your budget is also another factor you need to consider. There are cheap and affordable grip strengtheners in the market with considerable features. Almost all grip strengtheners do the job effectively so there is no need to spend too much on one. Find a good one that is within your budget and work with it while following your workout routine and there will be guaranteed changes where you need it. Save more while doing your most.

Factors to consider looking for the best grip strengtheners.

1. You might want to order the strengthener online. You first have to check the availability of that certain product before purchasing it because some platforms do not offer refunds.

2. You want something that will fit your hands well. After all, it is supposed to be used by the hands. It should fit perfectly compliment the size of our hands.

3. You should look at platforms like Amazon that will show what items are being bought by a lot of people. This will help you narrow your search saving your time.

4. Grip strengtheners can be used to improve the dexterity ability for arthritic and dexterity impaired individuals.

5. Many tend to overlook the warranty aspect when purchasing items. A warrantied good is still cared for by the mother company for the specified time indicated on it. Any modifications done on it within that specific amount of time are free or if it gets spoilt, the mother company will fix it for free.

6. A good grip strengthener can be used not just for bodybuilding but also improving on daily duties like going grocery shopping or when kids are playing on monkey bars. It should help you do all of these.

7. The resistance on the grip strengthener should not be too strong that you cannot make it through one squeeze. It should just the right amount of difficulty and simplicity.

8. A good strengthener should be ergonomic meaning that it helps heal injured fingers or wrists. It gradually nurses them back to full health.

Qualities of a Great Grip Strengthener.

A good grip strengthener should build on your muscle form. It should give them more volume, reduce pain, as well as give you more strength. However, the best grip strengthener will also be comfortable, quiet, have adjustability options or a variety of strength levels, and store easily.

  • Comfort is aided by the type of material in use. Choose a soft material that will help you squeeze the strengthener easily without any complications of it being too hard on your hand.
  • When purchasing a grip strengthener, you should look for one where you have the ability to change the resistance to suit your desired level. Or choose a set of grip strengtheners that give you a progression of choices based on increased strength.
  • Look for one that does not produce a lot of noise that will not only distract you but also the people around you giving you a hard time concentrating on your work out.
  • Get yourself a grip strengthener that is easy to store and maintain. You should not have to struggle with storing them.
  • GGrip Strengthener Review Conclusion

    As we age, we tend to grow weak in such a way that doing normal daily activities become difficult. Independence is one thing that everybody wants in our life. Considering the factors above, we recommend choosing a grip strengthener that is made from a durable silicone material, which is what we have found to be the best option. Silicone makes it resistant to wear and tear and is also odorless. Our top choice has up to six levels of resistance that gives you the ability to change to the weight that fits your strength level. The key features that make our top choice are that the options in the set fit perfectly in your hand, have many levels of resistance, and are made from a durable silicone material. They are excellent tools for hand therapy, grip strength, wrist strength, forearm strength, as well as joint pain and rehabilitation.

    Recommended Grabber Tool
    My Personal Best

    • Build Grip Strength and Reduce Pain
    • Improves Dexterity
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    • Progrssive Reistance Training
    • Joint Pain and Rehabilitation


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