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Best Mask for Side Sleep

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Sleep Masks

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  • Comfortable
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  • Soft Material
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  • Materials – Sleep mask products should be made from the right high-quality material that is safe on your skin and is super soft to the touch. We recommend material that stays cool and feels so soothing on your face.
  • Blocks Light – The sleep mask should block out the majority of light for a restorative rest and peaceful sleep. A sleeping mask should allow allow you to relax and sleep anywhere, anytime.
  • Adjustability – An eyemask for sleeping should be easily adjustable and this is typicllay found with an elastic strap. A sleep mask should also be flexible to conform to your face.
  • Easy to Clean – If your sleep mask is not easy to clean, then sweat, skin moisture, and oils from your face can make the mask unfomrftale and smelly. A clean mask can really help.

Finding The Best Sleep Mask - A Buyer's Guide

Did you know that more than half of adults don’t get the 7 to 8 hours of sleep that research recommends?  In fact, experts are warning people that a lack of sleep is not only affecting our bodies, but also our brains.

Maybe it’s a good night’s sleep you’re hoping for, or maybe just a cat nap. Either way, it can often be a struggle to fall asleep in the first place only to wake up and not be able to get back to sleep.  When there is light streaming on your face, how many times did you wish you had an eye mask for sleeping to block out the light?  Sleep disorders can also affect our nightly slumber and are not to be taken lightly.  It’s good to know that sleep aids can be important to help us get a full night’s rest.

Sleep masks come in many shapes and forms, but most importantly you’ll want a comfortable sleep mask that fits your face and helps you to get some shut-eye.

Sleep Mask Eye Mask for Sleeping

We spent hours reviewing sleep masks for sleeping to find the perfect combination of comfort and affordability.  Most importantly, we wanted to choose one that is good at blocking out the light.  Believe it or not, this is no easy task.   In the end, we found out that a contoured eye mask for sleeping is the best bet as it fits snugly, yet comfortably against your face.

Contoured sleep masks can block out a large portion of light which is important if you’re trying to sleep somewhere such as a hospital or on a long flight.

Sleep Mask for Sleeping Reviews

  • Contoured Sleep Mask for Sleeping – Contoured sleeping masks are designed to fit the curves of your face without putting pressure on your eyes or blocking your nose. The usually offer adjustable straps to help pull the mask tightly against your face, but still with a pressure that’s comfortable.
  • Memory Foam Slep Mask for Sleeping – Memory foam eye masks are designed to conform to your face and also to reduce the marks and lines that can form on your face.
  • Silky Sleep Mask for Sleeping - Silk sleeping masks are usually the most basic sleeping masks, and they are designed with the least amount of adjustability. They are often designed as a one-size-fits-all product.
  • Scented Sleep Mask for Sleeping – Using aromatherapy for sleep can be a great way to help you get a good night’s rest. The most popular scent used for this is lavender, and manufacturers infuse it into the fabric to help you gently fall asleep.
  • Gel Sleep Mask for Sleeping– Gel masks are newer on the market, and many of them can help soothe and comfort your head and eyes similar to a cooling compress. Many users also feel that gel eye masks can eliminate headaches and keep sinuses clear.

Importance of an Eye Mask for Sleeping

Do you feel you get enough sleep at night?  What is it like to feel sleep deprived?  A recent survey shows that many people get fewer than six hours of sleep a night.  Additionally, the same survey shows that 75% of us experience sleep difficulties.   Getting enough sleep can be important to our bodies in more ways than we might realize.  In fact, not getting sufficient sleep can affect:
  • Memory and Learning – Getting enough sleep helps your brain commit new information to its memory. This occurs through a process called memory consolidation.
  • Daily Mood – Daily happiness and spiritual health are important to get you through your day. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, an inability to concentrate, moodiness and impatience.
  • Cardiovascular Health – Heart health and sleep are directly related. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can be linked to hypertension, irregular heartbeat, and increased stress hormones.
  • Immune Functions – Getting enough sleep, and making sure your body goes through all its proper REM sleep can help with immunity. Keeping up with the amount of sleep you get might also help fight cancer.
  • Weight and Metabolism – It is possible to gain weight if you experience chronic sleep deprivation by affecting your body’s ability to process and store carbohydrates. Lack of proper sleep can also alter hormone levels that affect appetite.
  • Safety – The proper amount of sleep can keep our minds working properly and keep us alert and safe. Getting enough of it is especially important for those of us who work in heavy equipment operation, the medical field, air traffic control and even daily driving.

Sleep Mask Review Conclusion

All in all, sleep aids, such as eye masks for sleeping, can help us to get the proper amount of sleep that our bodies need.  A common myth is that we can properly function on 6 hours or less if we train our bodies to do so.  However, research has proven that sleep is essential in so many ways.  While sleeping, your brain is hard at work forming and repairing the pathways that are necessary for creating, learning, and staying healthy.

If you’re in the market for a comfortable sleep mask for sleeping to help you get a daily cat nap or a good night’s sleep, a contoured eye mask for sleeping is a great place to start.

RiptGear Sleep Mask
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Blocks Light
  • Unique Nose Flap
  • Doesn’t Tangle Hair
  • Soft & Comfortable

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"I have tried many sleep masks and have tossed them all due to discomfort. This one is great in all aspects...(with) the perfect strap was all zzzzzzzzzs after that.
Polly C. RiptGear Customer, May 27, 2021
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