Revolutionizing Outdoor Fun: Why Everyone’s Grabbing These Patches

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In a world where convenience meets necessity, we introduce to you the newest sensation that’s making outdoor activities more enjoyable than ever before. These innovative patches, brimming with the power of Citronella, are becoming an essential part of every family’s outdoor arsenal.

What Makes These Patches So Popular?

The secret lies in the Citronella Patch. Infused with Citronella oil, a natural insect repellent, these patches act as a powerful deterrent for those pesky mosquitoes. The Citronella works by masking the scents of carbon dioxide and lactic acid that our bodies naturally produce, confusing the mosquitoes and keeping you off their dinner menu.

Unlike other insect repellents, the RiptGear Mosquito Citronella Patch Stickers are made using all-natural plant-based ingredients and are 100% DEET-free, making them safe for you and the environment.

They Are Generating MAJOR BUZZZZ

They come in two varieties: green patches and animal designs. Kids love the cute animal designs. There’s 24 different designs in each pack and they range from 60 to 150 packs.

Unleash the Power of Convenience

The RiptGear patches are an epitome of versatility. They’re designed to stick anywhere – clothing, tables, backpacks, and even strollers. The unique non-skin application makes these stickers perfect for both adults and children alike. Be it a sunny picnic or a rainy hike, these patches are designed to work under all weather conditions.

Travel-Friendly Protection

Planning a trip to the tropics or just a weekend camping trip? Don’t forget to pack RiptGear’s Mosquito Repellent Patches! They are lightweight, compact, and come in a resealable bag that can easily fit into a purse, suitcase, or backpack, ensuring they’re always fresh, effective, and ready for use.

The Ideal Choice for Kids

Mosquito Stickers for Kids from RiptGear are changing the game. They offer an excellent alternative to messy and often irritating sprays. With these patches, there is no more worrying about reapplication. Children can play freely, and parents can relax, knowing that the citronella-infused patches are providing continuous protection.

Where To Buy Them?

You can purchase these directly on their website or on Amazon.

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