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Last Updated: July, 2024

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Last Updated: July, 2024
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Wrist Braces

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  • Double Stiched at Insert
  • Multiple Adjustment Points
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  • Multiple Fatener Straps
  • Bulky Compared to Others
  • Metal Reported to Tear Brace
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Finding the Best Wrist Braces - A Buyer's Guide

An arthritis wrist support brace is important to all of us with arthritis pain, especially if you play sports or are dealing with an injury. If you fall into one of these two categories, a wrist brace for arthritis and carpal tunnel can help. Moreover, it may be best to buy arthritis gloves and use them in tandem with a wrist brace for arthritis support. Wrist braces can also help if you are someone with a long-recurring ailment in your wrist.  In either case, the chances are high that you will, at some point, be in the market for a carpal tunnel wrist brace. 

Wrist braces can offer you the much-needed support you need to help alleviate your symptoms and pain.  They can also help you get back to your normal, daily routine.

  • Padding – Most wrist braces have internal padding. This can be constructed of cotton, polyester, cotton blends or even suede.  This padding will help to keep you comfortable. However, it will come with some decreased flexibility and movement.
  • Breathable Fabric – Some wrist braces provide vents or air holes in the fabric to help keep a healthy amount of air flow to your wrist. This is important because it helps to reduce discomfort caused by heat and sweat.  This is especially important if you need to wear your wrist brace during the hot summer months, or in a hot climate.
  • Design – Not only do you want your wrist brace to look nice, but you also want it to be easy to put on. Most wrist braces use anywhere from one to three Velcro straps to attach to your wrist.  The more straps, the more versatile the fit and the more comfortable it will be on your arm.
  • Cost – Pay close attention to cost quality. As we all know, the most expensive product is not always the best.  Be sure to purchase a product that is well-liked by other customers.  Tried and true is best – especially when it’s a product you will be wearing for days, weeks, or even months.

Choosing a Wrist Brace

This guide is designed to help you select the best wrist brace depending on what you need. There are several different wrist braces on the market and some provide full support and prevent you from moving your wrist and others are very soft and flexible.

What is a Wrist Brace?

A wrist brace or wrist splint is a device that wraps around your wrist and prevents it from moving too far in one direction.  A good wrist brace will apply the perfect amount of gentle pressure without causing discomfort or restricting your movement more than necessary.  This neutral position of your wrist will help reduce stress in your joint and allow the tissues to relax and heal.

Wrist Brace Features and Uses

Wrist braces are devices that support your wrist and keep it in a particular position so that your injury can heal.  There are many types of wrist supports available, and each is suited to help heal a specific injury. Sometimes you'll need a wrist brace and arthritis gloves to give you the best support.

Some of the more common reasons for wearing a wrist brace are:
  • Strain injuries from repetitive movement
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Strained or sprained joints from an acute injury

The best wrist braces for arthritis on the market are made of superior-quality materials and designed to fit comfortably.  Your wrist is a complicated joint that works hard all day long.  Because of this, it can easily become damaged.  You’ll need a quality product that will comfortably provide you with the extra support you need. Arthritis gloves offer light compression and extra support for pain associated with arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and sprained wrists. You may need to invest in both a writs brace and arthritis support gloves for maximum protection.

Be sure to choose a product that is made of the best materials and that can stand up to daily use without breaking or causing you any further pain or discomfort.

Best Wrist Brace Uses

  • Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace – If you have tingling, pain, or even numbness in your fingers you might be experiencing some of the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A wrist brace can help. It keeps your wrist straight and allows the pressure on your median nerve to subside. Repeated motion and extra strain can make your wrist symptoms worse, and good wrist support can alleviate that pain and help you heal.  It is also helpful to adapt ergonomic practices to help prevent future wrist problems, especially if you type on a keyboard and use a mouse day after day.
  • Wrist Brace for Tendinitis – In order to know if you’re experiencing wrist tendinitis, it’s important to distinguish it from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Both conditions share some of the same characteristics, but they are totally different conditions. Tendinitis is a form of repetitive strain injury. Repetitive motion of the hands and fingers can cause tendons that attach to your hands and fingers to move in and out of their normal placement and become inflamed and irritated. This can worsen as the muscles in the forearm become tighter. A wrist brace can help stabilize your muscles and allow them to relax which, in turn, will alleviate swelling and pain.
  • Bowling Wrist Brace – If you’re looking for that extra help with your delivery, a bowling brace might be just what you need. A wrist brace can help prevent the back of your bowling hand from tilting or collapsing before you throw your bowling ball. Essentially, the purpose of the brace is to prevent your wrist from tilting.  It’s important to know what style of brace you need to help with your game.  For example, a longer support brace will greatly limit the movement of your wrist and fingers.  A shorter brace will provide less limitation.
  • Weight Lifting Wrist Brace – If your wrist is sore, or your joints are achy from lifting, you might want to think about some wrist support to help take the stress of your wrist muscles. A good weightlifting brace or wrist wrap can help keep your wrists from being the weak point of your workout.  You can use them to gain greater stability when you are pressing, going overhead, powerlifting or even strongman training.

Wrist Brace Review Conclusion

Knowing the ins and outs of wrist braces can help you know which brace is best for your situation.  However, be sure to consult your doctor or physical therapist to be sure that the brace you’re buying is best for you.  A professional will have better insight and will know which brace is best for your condition. They will also be able to help you manage your pain and speed your healing.

RiptGear Wrist Brace
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Comfortable Wrap-Around System
  • Keeps Wrist in Neutral Position
  • Muscle and Tendon Support

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"I used this splint exclusively for when I fractured my wrist and it proved to be the best, well thought out solution out there. It simply wraps around your hand with your thumb in the thumbhole set the strap and your done. There is no pain associated with taking it off and putting it back on again...
Crockett B. RiptGear.com Customer, July 3, 2019
Testimonial has been edited for brevity.

Best Wrist Brace Availability

The best wrist braces are available in both Right and Left variations.

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